Thursday, December 5, 2013

These Hands: Emily of Yesterday's Sweetheart

We are so excited to share this week's "These Hands" post from Emily of Yesterday's Sweetheart. Emily's blog is so cute! She says about her blog, "Yesterday's Sweetheart is the creative aspect of my life. My blog is a collection of outfits, DIYs, bits of my day and inspiration I find here and there. It's my favorite way of collecting moments in my life to keep forever!" Here are Emily's hands...

These hands love making jewelry.
These hands have held hands with a special guy for 6 years. 
These hands love to wear rings on most fingers (even a pinky).
These hands are quick to lend a helping hand.
These hands love a good cup of tea.
These hands love shopping and sifting through racks.
These hands are good for giving high fives and tight hugs.


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Judy said...

Beautiful post, wonderful series! =)

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