Monday, December 9, 2013

busy, busy, busy

craft shows

We must apologize for the sudden silence that has fallen over our blog. As I am sure most of you know this time of year can get really busy! We have spent so much of our time studying for finals, finishing up student teaching and preparing for local craft shows, after which we have little daylight hours to take pictures for the blog! Rest assured though, we will be back up in full swing in no time.

For now though, if you are interested in some of our super cute hand warmers or natural hand scrubs, make sure to stop by our local coffee shop, Mojo's, to find some (granted you live in the Newton area)! You will also find a lot of other great local goods and who knows... erin or I might be working!

What keeps you busy during the holidays?

-a clover & a bee

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Samantha Heather said...

Oh I hear you. My photography is keeping me super busy at the moment, balancing that with full time work and blogging is turning out to be a bit of a handful.

Hopefully all our schedules can clear up a little in the new year.

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