Wednesday, October 30, 2013

These Hands: Gentri of Gentri Lee

Our next "these hands" post is written by Gentri of Gentri Lee. She is one of the sweetest humans of all time and has a fantastic blog! On her blog you can find her adorable style, makeup, and some of the amazing things that she gets to do on a day to day basis. Here is another peek into her life through her hands:

These Hands: Gentri These Hands: Gentri
These hands love to create; whether it's something as natural as planting a seed or a work of art created through makeup. My hands are my work, they are what allow me to do what I do- as a makeup artist, blogger, and lover of all things beautiful in life. My work and new found love for life started when I discovered blogging. I started my journey in the Spring of 2011 and haven't looked back. I blog about fashion, life, makeup, diy's, and inspiration. Blogging has lead me to discover my career as a Makeup Artist, Stylist, and Creative Director; and I truly am grateful for it!


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Gentri said...

Thank you, ladies, so much!! :D I am so happy to have been asked to participate!!

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