Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These Hands: Marj (Erin's Mom)

Who better to include in our "These Hands" series than our own families? We figured that Thanksgiving week was a fitting time. I am incredibly thankful for my mom.

My mom is an incredible artist. Currently she has been focusing on beautiful paper mosaics and paper earrings, but she also has some impressive watercolor skills that I've always been jealous of. My parents still live in Oregon, but I've moved to Kansas, so I rarely get to see them. Every time that we do get to be together though, I see myself turning more and more into my mother - which is something I don't mind in the slightest. I was so happy when she agreed to do our These Hands series!

She also just recently opened an Etsy shop, Marj Engle Designs, so go take a look at all of her artwork there!
Here are Marj's hands...
marj's hands
These hands prepare nourishing foods
- shopping, picking, chopping, stirring, cooking, serving
These hands clean and beautify
- making our house our home
These hands make art
- with paper, bought, found and recycled into collage and mosaics on wood, earrings of paper and wire
These hands hold the chins of wiggly children
- painting faces- smiles, the reward
These hands play piano keys
- sometimes stumbling from nerves, but then soaring, getting lost in beauty and emotion
These hands handle library books,
- shelving, checking in and out,
until they ache,
wanting time to simply hold open the pages and dream
These hands swing by my sides as I walk
- feeling the joy of movement,
the beauty of the Oregon outdoors
These hands type messages to daughters too far flung
- longing to tough their too distant cheeks
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Lisa said...

This is probably my favorite "These Hands". Beautiful words as well.

Lisa | c/oMKE

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