Thursday, October 3, 2013

These Hands: Leah of A Clover & A Bee

These hands are dipped in paint, dyes, and clay frequently
These hands give high fives to children for hard work
These hands form ceramic pots on the wheel
These hands sort crayons and hand out papers
These hands scratch the soft furs of a small pup 
These hands carefully assemble and create things with fabric
These hands care for small succulents
These hands sort through a closet full of clothing
These hands make and serve large quantities of coffee
These hands belong to me.
**This marks the beginning of a new series we will be hosting on our blog! We hope you will enjoy!
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ayley said...

oh dear heavens, i just love this! i can't wait to see more.

Unknown said...

I find my own hands do so many of the same things your hands do!
xo Paige

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