Monday, August 25, 2014

new blog!-- the clover field

Awhile back Erin and I decided to stop posting on a clover and a bee. I'm not sure what happened, but it started to become more of a burden to us and we stopped enjoying it. We still love all of you and we still love blogging but we decided that was time to be ourselves and to let our love of blogging come back organically. Rather than forcing ideas that made posts that we just weren't in love with we wanted to wait until we were ready to post things that we felt passionate about.

After a few months I, Leah, decided that I am ready to jump back in! I will be posting regularly over at the clover field about my day to day life, my new adorable little home, as well as crafts and recipes as they naturally come to me! Oh, and did I mention there are wedding photos?

-Love, Leah

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No, we're not dead.

April 15April 15
On Erin: Pants - Urban; Shoes - Minnetonka; Sweater - Forever 21; Sunglasses - Forever 21; Necklace - gift; Shirt - Wet Seal; Bag - Thrifted.
April 15April 15
On Leah: Booties - Urban; Dress - Forever 21 ; Bag - Forever 21 ; Sunglasses - Target; Leggings - Aerie.
April 15
April 15April 15
April 15
April 15April 15
April 15
April 15April 15

Hey everyone! It's been a while, huh? The past few months have absolutely flown by, and all of the sudden here we are, one month away from graduation! This whole semester has just been a whirlwind, and our blog baby got a little neglected. But here we are, easing back into it. It's nice to realize that when things get hectic we can just take a step back and focus on other things. This blog is here for us to enjoy really, and a nice distraction from the craziness of life. But, when life gets just a little too crazy we have to take a break. I'm heading into the last few weeks of school now, and I present my senior project later this week... so it's finally actually happening! Graduation is so close! I'm really looking forward to having my family all out here with me then too.

Anyways, I figured it was about time I mentioned a little bit about what's going on in my life. For the next few weeks I'm just finishing up all of my schoolwork, and wrapping my mind around the idea of being done with college. What's next, you ask? I'll be staying in Kansas for the summer - of course I have to be here for Leah's wedding - but I'll be looking for a job in the New England area (Anyone have any openings for a cute math major with programming skills? wink wink). My boyfriend, Landon, and I are then hoping to move up there sometime in the fall!

Basically, these next few months are going to be a giant transition period for both Leah and I, but we'll try and keep you updated along the way.

Thanks for sticking with us, even when we're silent.

- Erin

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Friday, March 14, 2014

11/52 a week in review.

Instagrams this week:


It has been pretty quiet around our blog lately for so many reasons. This week Erin has been crazy busy with school work and working on her senior seminar project! She is so studious, you would all be so impressed

Dave and I have been finalizing some of our bigger decisions for our wedding day. We've already got our officiator and our date and location picked out. It is so fun to figure out the details of our wedding little by little.

We picked out my engagement ring and it finally came! It keeps catching my eye, I love it so much. It was such an adventure to find the perfect ring-who knew? We tried going to a few mall jewelers and weren't too excited, so instead we went to a local jeweler in Kansas City. I am so glad we went there. It was such a good experience and I love it so much! Dave got to nerd out looking at diamonds in a microscope, it was pretty cute.

We've done a huge "why do we even have this stuff" cleanse in our little apartment. It for some reason is always such a good feeling to get rid of unnecessary things. Next goal-stop bringing in so much junk!

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Pins this week:


-I just keep dreaming about my new home! We finally have the walls painted in most of the rooms and the floor in the bathroom is going to be done soon! I can't wait to start filling it with pretty things. This house tour on Style Me Pretty is pretty much exactly how I want to decorate! I love it!


-The weather has been warming up here and we are getting so excited to wear our springy clothes! I loved this"weekend" look from Colour Me Classic and this adorable skirt combo.

-This shirt made me laugh so hard when I saw it. I NEED it! I get so hangry sometimes.
-I looved this compilation of items on open shelves. I have been having so much fun creating my wedding registry! Its a little weird and fun to dream of owning so many kitchen things. I swear, everything in my house is going to be black and white. Even my dog...
find these pins, and more things that inspire us, Leah and Erin
Have a great weekend! Anyone have any fun plans?
-Leah Faye
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hitting pause

bits & piecesbits & pieces bits & pieces bits & pieces bits & pieces bits & pieces

Sometimes those precious moments, those in which the busy parts of your life have been paused, can be the most wonderful thing. Those moments when work is finished, planning is paused, and you can take some time to sit at your dining room table with a cup of coffee and a puppy curled up on your lap-they are magnificent.

Lately it has come to our attention that we spend so much time preparing for what is next that we forget to appreciate what is around us now. Luckily our little moments allow us to think about these things and to refocus ourselves to be more appreciative, more in the moment, and they allow us to remember that life isn't just whats to come it is also right now. We can be excite for our jobs, homes, weddings, etc, but we can also be excited about right now.

For instance today I sat in my dining room with a cold fancy beer and some cheese and crackers and soaked up the sun that shone through my window. It was the best. Relaxing and enjoying the moment is the best, you guys. Try it with us.

-a clover & a bee

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

future home...

home dreaming house dreaming home dreaming home dreaming
So many exciting changes, and some sad ones, are looming over our near futures. Erin is planning her post-college adventures, both of us are looking forward to are graduation this May, and I have a beautiful wedding to plan, a house to move into, and a teaching job to prepare for! 
While I am so sad to be moving out of Erin and I's cozy little apartment in a few months, I am very excited to live with my soon to be new husband and to decorate a real house for the first time! I of course have been prepping for this day for a long time by collecting numerous images on Pinterest. 
Dave and I's house is a tiny little house that we, in collaboration with his family, are working to fix up. It is in an adorable little neighborhood just adjacent to his place of work and close by to his two brother's homes. I tease him every once in a while about my nervousness of joining his "family commune," all in jest of course, I love his family and can't wait to call them my own.
My favorite part by far about the house is the dark wood floors that we (mostly Dave and his brother... but I helped) finish. While I lived in the dorms in college, and even now in my apartment, I dreamed of one day having wood floors. Wood floors and bright white walls. I can't wait to fill up the rooms with things that both Dave and I enjoy, with tons of inspiration from the images above as well as some of the others I have pinned on Pinterest!
-Leah Faye
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