Thursday, October 10, 2013

These Hands: Alex and Paige of Whimsy Darling

Hello! We’re Alex and Paige from Whimsy Darling. Whimsy Darling is a blog devoted to finding joy and creativity in style. We search for ways to applaud, encourage, and create beauty. We believe in colour, simplicity, and imagination. Over at our blog you can find DIY projects, outfit posts and daily inspirations from a variety of sources! We were so excited when Erin and Leah contacted us to join in on their new blog series. It’s such a cute and creative way to share a little bit about yourself to others! Here is a little glimpse into our worlds through our hands…


These hands sketch ideas and inspiration.
These hands hide my face when I’m blushing.
These hands reach out to anything cute and fluffy.
These hands hold those of my husband.
These hands get pricked by sewing needles.
These hands wipe away my tears while watching sad movies.
These hands prepare meals for two.
These hands explore the city of Toronto.
These hands try to paint.
These hands mix up a mean cocktail.
These hands help lug guitar equipment to my husband’s shows.
These hands make gifts to bring joy to others.
These hands create.

Paige _these hands_

These hands get messy & paint covered often.
These hands are notorious for nail biting- but they are working on that.
These hands flip pages of loved books over and over again.
These hands make at least three cups of tea a day.
These hands flop around the fuzzy ears of Pippin the dog.
These hands make animated gestures during conversations.
These hands push back crazy stray hairs that never stay in place.
These hands love applying lipstick.
These hands fiddle in awkward situations.
These hands are key contributors to every day hugging. 
These hands love to help and hold.
Erin's Hands//Leah's Hands
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Unknown said...

Such a great post beautiful words of wisdom


With A City Dream

Anonymous said...

I know both those hands well and they do all those things and so much more! Love this!

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