Thursday, October 24, 2013

These Hands: Amanda of Indie Jane

We were so delighted when Amanda of Indie Jane agreed to participate in our These Hands series (in fact I think Erin and I danced around in glee when we read her message...). She has been someone that we have looked up to and admired for so long! She has the most adorable blog where she posts gorgeous outfits, pictures of her adorable little home and animals, and lots of delicious recipes. Amanda also runs a photography business that is out of this world-her photographs are so beautiful! We would definitely encourage everyone to check her out. Here are Amanda's hands...

these hands-amanda of indie jane
These hands have clicked a shutter hundreds of thousands of times. 
These hands love the feel of a worn in, well-loved book. 
These hands are tattooed. 
These hands are sporting a new engagement ring. 
These hands hug their favorite teacup every morning. 
These hands are the victims of constant nail biting and peeling nail polish. 
These hands are always cold.
These hands often find themselves ruffling the fiance's beard. 
These hands get a little achey when it rains.
 These hands will stop whatever they're doing to scratch a pup's ears. 
These hands are still working on perfecting winged eyeliner. 
These hand nock arrows and hold a bow. 
These hands tuck under my pillow when I sleep.
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Lesley Kim said...

what a beautiful post about Amanda... i love her tattoo =) do you want to follow each other? following you now on facebook and bloglovin =)

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