about a clover & a bee.

Untitleda clover & a bee is a joint effort of two friends and roommates living in small town Kansas. This is where we share our crafts, inspirations, and everyday lives. We are enthusiastic thrifters, and most of our projects can be done on a rather tight budget, as we are both still poor college students.

The idea for this blog came to us when we realized that our talents could be put to better use if we worked together, as our skill sets are different, yet complement each other and enable us to continually better our blog. We launched in January 2013, and it still continues to be a project of constantly striving to improve.

a clover & a bee is a creative outlet that lets us create new relationships in the incredibly talented online community, along with being a channel for us to be able to do what we love. Working with your best friend to create something that you are both proud of is an incredibly rewarding endeavor.

If you're interested in how we chose our name, you can read this post about our inspiration.

If you need to get in touch with us, visit our contact page for information.

UntitledErin is originally from Oregon, but came to college in Kansas, which is where she met Leah. She is currently finishing up her last year of school as a math major. Erin loves photography, cooking, making music, and coding, and does the design work for the blog.

You can follow her on Instagram as @twicee, or Pinterest here.

UntitledLeah is a Kansas native, and is just finishing up school to become an art teacher. She loves to create, and snuggle her pup, Professor. Leah is a huge crafter, and is responsible for most of the DIYs on the blog.

You can follow her on Instagram as @leahfaye3, or on Pinterest here.