Wednesday, October 16, 2013

These Hands: Gina of Hello There Home

Our fourth post in our "these hands" series is brought to you by Gina of Hello There Home! We found Gina's blog over the summer and have loved keeping up with her every day life. Gina posts about healthy living, decor (in her beautiful home), style, delicious recipes, and more! We hope you will visit her blog and enjoy her feature on our "these hands" series as well!


These hands press a button to capture life.
These hands tell a story of home, happiness, love.
These hands feed and hold backyard chickens.
These hands care for bees.
These hands are stopping to take pictures all along.
These hands love to get messy.
These hands are sticky from bottling honey.
These hands chop, blend and bake healthy meals for our home.
These hands dig in the garden for afternoon therapy.
These hands love to sit and hold a warm cup of tea.
These hands belong to me.


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Unknown said...

love relating it to the camera these are my favorite posts (:

With A City Dream

Hena Tayeb said...

beautifully said.

Unknown said...

In love with Gina's words! Thanks for sharing,

Dancing in Black

joanne said...

her hands do beautiful things, I love them !


Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

This is great!!

Alli said...

I just love this series, it's so personal and gorgeous. I particularly love the chipped nail polish, so many blog posts feel so staged and this seem so nice and lovely and real.


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