Tuesday, November 19, 2013

These Hands: Marilyn and Kaleb of Brewed Together

Hello friends! We are Marilyn and Kaleb of Brewed Together, a lifestyle blog and portfolio of our creative adventures. We have been married for a few years and started our blog as a way to document the things we are passionate about together. We love sharing photography, recipes, DIY projects, fashion advice/inspiration, design, and occasionally other hobbies. We have been following Leah and Erin since we started our blog and are completely in love with their style and everything about their blog! We are honored to share a little piece of us here on their blog today. (You can also read a guest post of more about them on our blog today as well!)

These Hands: Brewed Together

These hands had their first date together in a coffee shop. 
These hands are constantly crafting projects for the home or that can be given away. 
 These hands believe that there is nothing that can't be created with them, whether it is sewing, baking, taking photos, or putting an outfit together. 
These hands love a good thrift or garage sale find. 
These hands love the thrill of trying new things and traveling to new places.
These hands can be found sipping coffee at new shops any time one is discovered.
These hands love climbing rock walls and clutching bicycle handlebars any day of the week.
These hands enjoy going outside, jogging, and walking at the park every day. 
These hands love holding and squeezing their little Yorkie, Evie. 
These hands pray together every night. 
These hands are constantly brewing new ideas and creating almost everything together. 

These Hands: Brewed Together
Thanks for joining our These Hands series Marilyn and Kaleb! Be sure to check out their blog, Brewed Together
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Laura said...

Aw, I love this post!! You guys are the cutest!! I will need to find some initial cups for me and my husband because I am dying over yours.

Lisa said...

Ooofff I love these two! They are just a brilliant duo.

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons {soon to be c/oMKE}

Brewed Together said...

Thanks so much for having us on your blog today girls! And what a great idea to share a series on this. Loved being a part of it! Xo, Marilyn & Kaleb

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