Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY black striped graphic tee

DIY black stripe graphic tee DIY black striped graphic tee
DIY black stripe graphic tee
I had been seeing t-shirts similar to this one starting to pop up all around me... on pinterest, commericals, etc.. and I loved them! The problem is that when you are on a budget you can't really justify buying a silly little t-shirt for almost no reason. The good news is though that most things (a slight exaggeration) can be made for way cheaper with a little thrifting and crafting skills. 
With a little bit of painters tape and a glob of fabric paint I got to work. I first made a square with painters tape on the front of my t-shirt. I then laid out my stripes making sure that each stripe was approximately the same size. Add some paint and voila! 
After it dried we were able to style it! What would you wear this shirt with?
-a clover & a bee
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Lisa said...

Hey nice work! You are just so darn crafty!

xo Lisa| Making Life's Lemons

Alex said...

Cute! One of Jordan's favourite lines when we're shopping is "I can make that". It doesn't matter what it is, a t-shirt, metal bed frame (whatt?), etc. so your "most things can be made for way cheaper" made me laugh. :)
Whimsy Darling

Laura said...

Love the idea, I did something similar on my blog. Check it out if you want:

Gentri said...

Seriously you guys, I'm moving in with you. So make room!

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