Friday, January 31, 2014

5/52 week in review

Our week via @leahfaye3 & @twicee

What a blissful week this has been! I have been sleeping regularly, catching up on my internet life (I seriously had 1000 unread blogposts on bloglovin' you guys...), and working. It has been such a relief to sit back and relax for a little while! I had so much time I was actually able to make curry for my boyfriend and I! It has been seriously so long since I made and ate a real meal for myself. I tried out this curry recipe and it was delicious. I also found some seriously adorable thrift finds this week; a leather ottoman, tiny star earrings, and the perfect woven basket purse? I am in heaven.

We have been loving winter outfits lately! Sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration to make it through the winter. One can only wear the same sweater so many times, but these outfit ideas are just so freaking cute! Plus looking forward to some summer weather can't hurt;)
I have been "helping" my boyfriend redo/ decorate his house. I am having so much fun and love finding inspiration on pinterest. Bright white walls, built shelves, wood floors, and black and white color schemes have been catching my eye the most...  Here are some of our pins from this week:

Our favorite pins:

(You can find these pins and more on Erin's pin board and my own)

What you missed this week:

January 27th: freedom at it's finest
January 29th: glass terrarium diy
January 30th: at the breakfast table

Happy Friday!

-Leah Faye
** We meant to start this the first week of January, but we're a little bit late so we're starting with 5. Oops :)

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I love the little handbag in your instagram round up, especially matched with that scarf! I want!!

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