Thursday, January 30, 2014

At the Breakfast Table (with a bonus pancake recipe!)

at the breakfast tableat the breakfast tableat the breakfast table at the breakfast tableat the breakfast table

Living with your best friend is great (**Relevant: 22 ways your best friend is actually your significant other). Many people who have ever experienced living in a college dorm will definitely understand that, and getting an apartment with your best friend is even better. Leah just finished her last class of college last week, and I'm starting into my last semester. This is all well and good and very exciting, but approaching the end of college often times means some pretty big transitions. Coming soon: Leah and Erin announce their plans for next year... after they figure them out. That being said, we will probably be parting ways and leaving our little apartment behind.  It's crazy to imagine how different our lives could be in less than a year's time! When we first signed our lease last May, one year sounded like so long to live in one place! After moving in and out of the dorms every few months, an entire year in one place is paradise. Now that we're slowly approaching that year mark though, it doesn't seem like quite so long anymore.

There is something so awesome about living with your best friend. You know their habits, and their schedule. You sucker them into hanging out with you for just a little longer by pouring their glass of wine just a liiiittle bit fuller. You can pee with the door open and not care. You (eventually) learn to love their dog. You wear their clothes as often as your own. Why bake just one loaf of bread when you can bake two?

Upon realizing that our days are numbered, we decided to treasure our last few months as roommates, starting with a breakfast tradition. This semester, once a week, we're going to sit down and make a "fancy" breakfast together.

Leah: "I'm liking this tradition already!"
Erin: "Yeah I just really, really love breakfast."
Leah: "I meant I like hanging out with you but whatever.."

We'll figure it out eventually...

To kick off this tradition we started off with pancakes, of course, because I love pancakes more than most things in the world. I found a copy of the More-With-Less Cookbook secondhand, and on the pancakes page it has the most perfect pancake recipe scribbled in by whomever owned it before me. A good case for buying books secondhand, I'd say.

Here's the magic recipe:
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
3 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp oil
1/2 tsp salt

How do you handle big transitions? Have you had any times in your life when you were uncertain what was going to come next? I'll probably cope with life's changes by making these pancakes every single day, but that's just me.

- a clover & a bee

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Unknown said...

Yum! Cannot wait to try these out

With A City Dream

Grandma Peg said...

One of many reason that I am glad to be back in the US is for the easy access to the Internet and now I can follow, you, Erin, on "a clover and a bee"! Love it!!

Unknown said...

I have eating pancakes on the regular at the moment.... I just can't get enough! Mine consist of 2 ingredients so I am excited to branch out and try yours (they sound a bit more legitimate!) xoxo

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