Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july, july

leah july instagrams
erins july instagrams
For some reason it is nearly impossible to sum up the entire month of July in just a couple of words. It went by so quickly and was stuffed so full of things that it is hard to be sure exactly what happened! A lot of small changes happened-piercings, hair cuts, cleaning out our wardrobes- and a lot of bigger changes happened too- we changed our name to a clover & a bee this month!
A lot of this month was spent with the ones we love, either at home snuggled up in our apartment, in other states at weddings, or in my case at home with my family. It is always so comforting to get to spend time with the people who love you!
A lot of big changes are coming our way in August! We both go back to school, Erin as a Senior, and me as a fifth year senior. We will be very busy with senior projects, assignments, and mandatory after class naps, though we are very excited to keep up our blog. A clover & a bee is such a nice escape from the weird outside world-sometimes you have to let out your creative sides!

All photos are from our Instagrams this month! Follow Leah at @leahfaye3 and Erin at @twicee
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