Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Professional Wardrobe...

teacher wardrobe

I am about to make that scary, terrifying, yet exciting switch from a frumpy college wardrobe to a teacher-professional wardrobe. My closet is pretty close to what I need, but I have been dreaming about what all my professional wardrobe will hold. Through my searches I have discovered that I lean towards peplum, polka dots, as well as corals, golden rods, black and white prints, and light pinks. I guess we all have natural tendencies to be drawn towards certain things..
I can't wait to start student teaching! I am so excited for what I will learn while I am teaching kids about art. It will be an interesting transition to a full time job and being a professional adult, but it is one that will be very fulfilling and fun!
What is in your professional wardrobe?

You can find links to each of these items as well as more items in my professional wardrobe wishlist on my pinterest!
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Suesse said...

A lot of target so far, hopefully soon to be plenty of Zara, Asos, etc. :P

Gena said...

Great picks for a work wardrobe!I love the fun prints and colors..
Blush and Blossoms

Lisa said...

I remember trying to get all of my clothes together for that too!
I ended up "acquiring" so much clothing that I went my first month or so with out rewearing anything....It was excessive.

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Liesl said...

Love the maxi skirt and the vintage polka dot dress!

My workplace is pretty casual... but I love to splash it up with color and pattern. This is about as professional as I get at work (unless I have a meeting with an attorney) ---> http://spiritualworkoutblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/being-pro-at-casual-work-attire.html

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