Thursday, July 11, 2013


a clover and a bee
0976 Bee Clover

Leah and I are the queens of impulsive decisions. We both had been growing a little tired of our name "e plus l" for quite some time now, but hadn't voiced our opinions about it until last night. We immediately decided it was time for a blog re-branding and started frantically brainstorming. This included some serious ideas and some silly ones. We knew we wanted something to do with the prairie, but we knew that "dem girls on da prairie" would probably not work (though when googled, Little House on the Prairie is the first result). After much discussion and searching we came across this poem by Emily Dickinson:

To Make A Prairie

by Emily Dickinson
"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And reverie.
The reverie alone will do,
If bees are few."

Suddenly we knew exactly what our new name would be, "a clover and a bee." We wanted to include both of our homes, mine being Oregon, and Leah's Kansas. Though I've done a bit of re-rooting here to the Kansas prairie, it didn't seem right to completely throw out our different childhoods. Coming across this poem was like striking gold. As soon as we read it, we knew that it was perfect. My dad keeps bees, so I grew up with bee hives in my back yard and Leah grew up searching for four leaf clovers (quite successfully).

A Clover and A Bee just fits so well, we had to launch on it. Both of us were too excited. e plus l was a good start, but these first seven months have been a learning experience, and we both agreed that now we know what direction we really want to head in.

By the end of today, July 11th, we will have changed all of our URLS, so instead of, you can find us at

In all honesty, we aren't sure what will happen with our bloglovin' followers, but if you like us on Facebook, you should still be able to find us after the name change! We are very very sorry if this causes any difficulty! We don't want to lose our wonderful bloglovin' followers, so PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE if you are following us on bloglovin', hop on over to our facebook page, at least just for today, so that we don't lose you!

We are incredibly excited for this re-branding!


Bee and clover image from Tone Edge on Flickr


hannahrosebaker said...

That poem made me cry, I kid you not.

Unknown said...

Us too! It is such a beautiful little poem. You should have seen us after I read it. I was flapping my arms as if I was a tiny bird saying"oh my god" and crying and erin's eyes got so big and teary. It is seriously everything we wanted. Craftiness, prairie, dreams, our childhoods, everything.

Anonymous said...

I love the name idea! You two are so beautiful! xx

Mary said...

thankfully, bloglovin' did good work and it transitioned to following a clover & a bee seamlessly. mmm, i love this blog.

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