Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY indigo dye tea towels

DIY indigo dye tea towels DIY indigo dye tea towels DIY indigo dye tea towels DIY indigo dye tea towels DIY indigo dye tea towels DIY indigo dye tea towels
You'll need: Rit powdered dye, bleach, a bucket, and rubber gloves

I've said many times before after making a craft that I loved the way it turned out, but seriously these tea towels I looved the way they turned out. Love love love them. Lately I have been seriously attempting to take into account my age when making crafts. I ask myself, "Is this something that is going to have to one day go into your child's room or into your own personal craft room?" or "will your boyfriend literally hate this?" My new goal is, if I answer yes to any of these questions, to avoid it (unless it is AWESOME). I have been trying to make sure that the things I make are going to be the things I want to have in my future adult home and not things I will just take down to the local thrift store in a a few months. With this new thinking for crafts I have been considering the purpose, color scheme, and overall taste level of the crafts I want to do. These tea towels fit exactly into these restrictions.

While I can't claim that these are true indigo dyed tea towels, they did remind me of the general look and feel that indigo dyed items have and they were really easy! I followed the directions on our Rit dye and gave my tea towels an initial soak, make sure to save a little of the powder!! Once they were the shade of blue I wanted I rinsed them and hung them up to dry on our clothes line. When they had dried just slightly I laid them out on our back patio and sprinkled the remaining powder from the dye and a little bit of bleach and hung them back up. After a rinse and a wash, they turned out pretty cool! 

I would also like to note that all items in this craft were thrifted! We found the tea towels down at our local thrift store for 25 cents a piece and the Rit dye at our discount grocery store for only like a dollar. All hail the power of thrifting, eh?

-a clover & a bee

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Unknown said...

Great craft! So happy to come across your blog!


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Ester DurĂ£es said...

such a cute idea! well done, girls!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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