Thursday, June 6, 2013

California Ocean

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I must say, walking along the ocean barefoot collecting sand dollars? totally my thing. Laying on the beach getting pelted with sand due to the sideways wind? not really my favorite.

For our second big planned event while relaxing in California, my roommates and I decided that it was only appropriate to head to the coast for some beachy goodness.When in California... they say.... The drive wasn't too long and was made even better by our roommate Allison who quoted SNL's The Californians the entire way there.

We tried for awhile to enjoy laying on the beach. We had heard that the sun shining like it was that day is pretty rare for Pismo Beach, so we decided to take it as a sign from heaven. A sign we read completely wrong though as the sideways wind blew sand all over us. A few of us tried to brave it and woke up completely buried in sand and burnt to a crisp on one side (you can't blame us.. we are from Kansas, the beach is rare). Our bags were full of sand as well as our electronics and every crevice of our bodies. It was a bad new experience....

Despite this we still managed to have a pretty amazing day. We were able to get some pretty delicious fish and chips and spent lots of time walking up and down the coast letting the waves tickle our feet. We ended up staying and enjoying each others company for most of the day.

I hope to get to the coast again sometime soon. Though being in the center of the state makes it a little more of an adventure.

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Lisa said...

I love the picture under that pier! I would buy it from you! seriously.

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Unknown said...

Aww Thanks Lisa! I'd love to just let you have it! is there any way I could send you a larger file so that you could have a better copy?

Lisa said...

I just emailed you!

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