Friday, June 7, 2013

decorating on a budget

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We have been in full swing decorating our apartment since I got home from California less than a week ago. Our go to is quite obviously plants, though we love arranging unique vintage pieces and other items around the apartment as well. Money is our most obvious set back, as we are both broke college students learning how to pay to live for the first time (paid the utility bills for the first time yesterday!).

We do have our tricks for decorating on a budget though. Erin and I frequent thrift stores in our area. We have developed special techniques for doing so, including going often and patiently digging though the rubble until something special appears. You can see more of our thrifting advice here. We were able to find our little purple vintage couch for only $70 as well as a few other gems for very cheap.

Another one of my favorite activities for scooping up some decor gold is driving around my town on trash pick up day. You may laugh or think I am gross, but I have seriously scored some wonderful items doing so. People throw away the silliest things! The other day I found the pallet in the last picture that we are going make a vertical garden out of as well as a burnt orange reclinging chair. I currently have my eyes on some wire framed patio chairs in my neighbors yard, those suckers are going to sneak up to that curb any day... I can just tell (my general rule is that if it is next to the trash can it is an obvious win, otherwise it has to be a foot away from the curb, and if I every am skeptical I just run up to the door and ask!)

Along with these ideas, we also just drag in random un-thought of items to decorate with such as animal bones and bicycles. Plus it doesn't hurt that I was an art major in college;)

As soon as we finish shuffling around items in the apartment we will do a tour! We are so excited to share our space with you. Plus we have so many decor DIY's headed your way.

How do you decorate? 

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Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

how do i decorate... what an interesting question. I thought it would be easier to answer. I just put things places :( what a weird answer.

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Mary said...

Ahh! I found an armchair by the side of the road this morning during my morning run! Thought of this post! #winning.
But now the question is, how do I revive it? The color is nice -- a vintage-y green -- but the velvety fabric is threadbare in many places, especially by the arm rests. Any ideas? I would really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Mary! There are so many things you could do! In my last apartment we had a couch with holes all over it so we patched them with little hearts! It didn't look very classy, but it was pretty cute! We just cut hearts out of red fabric and used embroidery floss to thread them on.
You could also re-upholster it if you wanted. Here is a good website for that

Lisa said...

This is exactly how I've been collecting to decorate my place.

xo Lisa
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