Monday, March 4, 2013

leah's wishlist

1. I love these water color floral plants from anthropologie. They will definitely be a cute addition to our dining room table in our apartment this summer.

2. I love this mint bag from modcloth. I could carry all of the things I need and be super adorable at the same time.

3. I got a gift card for a pair of Toms for Christmas and I have just been waiting for the perfect pair. I really love the simplicity of the natural colored ones, I think I would wear them all the time.

4. I have been wearing my first pair of Sangrens clogs nonstop since I got them and I freaking love them. I have been eyeing this pair of light pink sandals ever since. I think they might end up being my next purchase.

5.  Bonlook has the cutest glasses and sunglasses of all time. I love my first pair of glasses and have been really wanting a pair of sunglasses ever since. I wouldn't have to double up on glasses when driving home if I had a pair of prescription sunglasses. I think the Black and White Nomad's would do the trick.

6. I love these latte bowls from anthropologie. I want them in every color, especially in red.

7/8. I love both of these rugs from Urban Outfitters, they seriously have the best rugs. I hope to put this adorable please don't leave welcome rug and this polka dot rug in yellow in my new apartment this summer!

What's on your wishlist?
-(e plus) l.


Marike said...

I just have to say, I just got that exact mint bag for my birthday. Hooray for mint bags!

Unknown said...

Marike! No you didn't! I am going to be eye-in' that bag every time you carry it. I love it so much. It looks cute in all of the other colors too!

The Photogramps said...

Love the floral plates too! Cute always!

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