Tuesday, March 5, 2013

exploring and excitement!

Snow Day

We've been attacked by some serious winter stormage around here. We had quite a bit of snow everywhere for a few days, but it's finally mostly melted by now. It was absolutely beautiful, but a bit of a pain. I never really learned to play in the snow... I just always end up cold and wet and a big grump. But I do love having classes cancelled and the opportunity to drink tea curled up in a blanket and stare at the blankets of snow covering everything.

Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day

On Saturday Leah and I, along with our two future housemates, went to look at an apartment to live in for the coming year. Before we met the landlords Leah and I decided to check out a new thrift shop that has popped up in Newton. We're a little too excited to find things to put in our apartment and should probably wait until we actually have somewhere to put things. Anyone have any extra furniture they want to get rid of? ;)

Snow Day

While walking around Main Street hitting up our regular shops we discovered the new cupcake shop that we'd heard had opened up in Newton, Sarah's Sweet Bliss. (Yes, this is failing at my no sugar thing, but I have a weakness for cupcake shops. And it's new!) Leah got a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake, and I got a Bananas & Cream Cupcake. They were wonderful! We'll probably be returning. The only problem with cupcakes is that they're just gone too soon.

Sarah's Sweet Bliss

After we finished fawning over all the wonderful things in the antique mall we headed over to check out our potential apartment. Luckily, they loved us and gave it to us by the time we finished chatting and looking around. They were amused by the fact that we all put down our parents as previous landlords :) Its feels so good to have that nailed down and to know we have somewhere to live for this summer!

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Brewed Together said...

Ooh loving these snowy photos! And loving the mustard coat. Glad you girls took advantage of the snow that came through.

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