Tuesday, January 15, 2013

wire speech bubbles DIY

You'll need: Beading wire, Embroidery floss, and small jewelry pliers. 

First cut a long length of wire and create a small loop at the end (This will be where you poke a tack through to stick it to your bulletin board). 
At this point you can then either create a speech bubble or begin writing-"bending"- your word into the wire using your pliers, which ever you prefer. We chose to make a bubble with the word inside.
For extra help writing your word out with your wire, write it on a piece of paper in cursive first so you will know where you will need to bend it to create certain letters.

Once your word is written and you are pleased with how it looks (we realize it sounds a little easier then it actually is) tie a long piece of embroidery floss at the end and begin wrapping it around your wire. It is kind of a long process, but we think it is well worth it!...

...and look! Ben and Susan agree! I am super pumped for their wedding this summer:) -l.


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