Monday, January 14, 2013

What do all of these buttons mean?!

When we were in the design process we decided that to make our blog our own that Leah would watercolor all the buttons for the sidebar - which I think turned out wonderfully! We just want to make sure that everyone can appreciate them by clarifying where they all will take you, dare you click on them.
1. Bloglovin'. If you don't know about this site - you should! Bloglovin' is a wonderful site you can use to follow along with all of your favorite blogs, no matter what their hosting site is. They're all there, in one infinite scroll at your fingertips.

2. Blogger. If you have a Google blogger account, this is how you follow us through that.

3. Email. Don't want to sign up for another account on one of these other websites? You can still follow us by email.

4. Facebook. Since most people have a Facebook account, this is probably the best way to keep up with us. This button will take you to our Facebook page where you can like e-plus-l and see our updates right on your newsfeed.

5. Our personal blogs! Each name links to our own respective personal blog. We don't post much about our day to day lives on e-plus-l, but on each of our own blogs you'll find more of a mix of what is on our mind, and what we're up to.

6. Pinterest. Both Leah and I are avid Pinteresters and weren't too keen on joining into one account, so each Pinterest button will take you to our individual profiles. We pin all of our posts there too, so you can find those there along with everything else we like.

7. Etsy. Leah's Little Prairie Handmade, (which we will feature soon, keep an eye out!) and my photography print shop. (I may be slacking a bit on that one).

8. Leah's Website.

9. Erin's Flickr photostream, where you can also find most of the pictures on the blog.

Hope this clears things up for everyone, and thanks for following along!



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