Wednesday, January 16, 2013

polka dot sweatshirt DIY

We have seen so many adorable polka dot sweaters circling around pinterest and it got us really excited about making our own. Here is how we made ours.

You'll need: One old sweater or sweatshirt, a paper plate, permanent acrylic paint or fabric paint, and some sort of sponge or cork.


Take your paint and squirt it on your paper plate. It doesn't really matter how much you do, so long as you can get a good even coat on your sponge. I used a lot of paint when I made mine and ended up having to go get another bottle. *hint-get the larger bottle the first time.

Imagine what you want your sweatshirt to look like in the end. You may want to have your polka dots more spread out, organized, random, or whatever. I chose to have mine fairly evenly spaced out and very close together, it will be adorable no matter what you choose. 

I also learned while creating mine that you will want to slip something between the layers of sweatshirt.  It probably isn't as thick as you'd think.
*hint- you should also put down some newspaper or something to catch stray paint. Especially if you are crafting at your parents house or in a rented space. Avoid an issue from the beginning.

First coat your sponge with paint. Then however you decided you wanted your polka dots to be, begin spotting your sweatshirt. You might want to do a couple of test polka dots on the newspaper to make sure they are coming out evenly. Easy as that.

You will want to let the front dry completely before flipping it over and doing the other side. Mine took about a day to dry completely.

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Once it is completely spotted to your liking and perfectly dry it is finished! Wear and enjoy! -l.


Anonymous said...

Post suggestion: let's talk about the adorable hat. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Don't you love it?? It's Erin's, she found it at a thrift store in Newton. I want one like it real bad. -l.

Unknown said...

Seriously, best hat I've ever owned!

Brewed Together said...

So simple and easy! Love it!

The Photogramps said...

You guys are so cute. Love this DIY. It would be rad on cutoffs in the summer too!

Unknown said...

I completely agree. Erin and I are anxiously waiting until its warm enough to do some fun DIYs with our shorts too! -l.

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