Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Scarf Curtain DIY

If you have a large collection of vintage scarves and you don't know what to do with them, or if you just like the idea and know where to get a bunch of scarves, then this is the craft for you.

You will need: Vintage scarves, scissors, pins, a needle, embroidery floss, clip on curtain rings, and a curtain rod. 


Lay out your scarves so that they create a rectangle. If you have scarves that are all the same size this will be fairly easy. I however had scarves in all different sizes so I had to over lap them in a few places. You will need to overlap each scarf by about half an inch so that you have a place to stitch them together. Pin each seam in place.

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Take your embroidery thread and begin sewing. I chose to do X's all the way across, but you could do anything. Here is a great site with stitching ideas.

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Once all of the seams are stitched and scarves are attached flip the curtain over and trim off any extra pieces.  Attach the clip on curtain rings, hang on your curtain rod in your window, and enjoy!-l.


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