Tuesday, January 8, 2013

crochet skirt DIY

You will need: measuring tape, an elastic band (1" wide, long enough to fit around waist), an old T-shirt, crochet trim, matching thread, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine (needle and thread possible), and an iron/ironing board.

crochet skirt 042

Step #1 Prepare the t-shirt
-measure on your body from the point that you want the top of the skirt to where you would like it to be on your legs {I did from my hips to my mid thigh and it came out to about 13 inches}
-add 2.5 inches to that number for the top of the skirt {mine is now 15.5 inches}
-take your old t-shirt {mine was a Hanes white t-shirt size large} and lay it flat on the floor
-measure up from the hem of the T-shirt to the length you measured
-cut across the top so that you have a tube.

crochet skirt 046

-then take the shirt and on one layer cut from the bottom of the skirt to the top so that you have a long rectangular piece.
-measure the length of the crochet trim {mine was about 3 inches long}
-take the length minus half of an inch and measure up from the bottom, make a mark with a pencil here. {I measured up 2.5 inches}
-then minus another half of an inch and make a mark a long the edge of the t-shirt that measurement. This will be where you line up the top of each strip of crochet trim. You want each strip to overlap the one before it by at least half of an inch.

crochet skirt 055

Step #2 Make a slot for the elastic
-with the back side (inside) of t-shirt facing you, fold down the top edge half an inch all the way across
-iron this down
-then fold that section down so that it is an inch long (or long enough to fit your elastic if it is larger than one inch), iron this down as well

crochet skirt 083

-pin this section down
-sew along the bottom of the hem to create a space for your elastic band

crochet skirt 089

Step #3 Add the Crochet Trim
-count how many pencil marks you made on the edge of the t-shirt-this is how many strips of crochet trip you will need {I needed 6}
-measure the length of the t-shirt rectangle-this is the length each crochet strip will need to be {mine was 43 inches}
-cut out however strips you need the length of the rectangle piece of t-shirt
-take one of your strips and line the top of the strip up with the first pencil mark from the bottom of the skirt
-line it up all the way across the length of the skirt and pin it in place
-sew along the top of the trim

crochet skirt 092 

crochet skirt 094

-take your second strip of crochet trim and line it up with the second pencil mark
-pin and sew this layer
-repeat until all of the strips are added
-**important! make sure to not sew any strips on past the seam at the top of the skirt. 

crochet skirt 097 

Step #4 Add the Elastic
-now that you have all of the crochet strips sewn onto your skirt, it is time to add the elastic
-wrap the elastic around the area that you want the skirt to sit at {mine was my hips}
-make sure to pull it just slightly tighter so that the skirt will sit snug at that spot
-cut off the excess elastic
-at one end of your elastic attach a safety pin
-push the safety pin into the opening at the top of your skirt
-pull this end through the top of the skirt
-when the opposite end of the elastic reaches the end of the skirt pin it in place
-continue to pull the other end until it reaches the other end and pin that side in place

crochet skirt 104

crochet skirt 106

Step #5 Finish your Skirt!
-place the two edges of the skirt together with the crochet hiding inside
-pin along this edge
-try to get the crochet to meet up as much as possible
-leaving a 5/8 inch seam allowance, sew along that edge

crochet skirt 109

-trim off all of the extra thread and crochet from the inside seam
-turn right side out and enjoy!

crochet skirt 118

We think crochet skirts are adorable in the winter with tights and a sweater and in the summertime paired with a tank top and sandals. We will post ways to wear crochet skirts soon, until then have fun styling it! -l.



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