Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY yarn billy ball flowers

You'll Need: Yellow yarn, scissors, sticks, and a fork.


While holding your fork in one hand begin wrapping your yarn around the outside of the fork until you can't fit any more on the fork. Take a small piece of yarn and thread it through the middle two prongs of the fork. Tie the two pieces together as tightly as you can around the bundle of yarn.

yarn billy ball flowers

Once it is tied nice and tight, carefully pull it off the fork. Then take your scissors and cut the yarn ball on other side so there are no loops left.

yarn billy ball flowers5

Massage the yarn ball in your hands like you are rolling a ball of play dough until you can no longer see the tied piece of yarn.

yarn billy ball flowers6

Then take your scissors and trim off any of the longer pieces of yarn so it is nice and even.

yarn billy ball flowers7

Take one of your sticks and poke it into the middle of the yarn ball-you can secure it with a bit of glue if you like. 

yarn billy ball flowers8 yarn billy ball flowers9
And voila! A beautiful billy ball flower (also known as craspedia) to decorate your home with! I put mine in a shelf in my dorm room with some dried poppies and it looks pretty cute! Make a few more to go with it and you'll have a full bouquet
Have a great weekend! We'll do an "our favorite links" post over the weekend, but other than that we will see you on Monday! -l.


Unknown said...

Oh I am in love with these! They are just so happy! :) I need these for my windowsill asap.

Unknown said...

I have thought that billy ball flowers are the cutest for so long! I'm so glad I finally made some. Thanks for the comment! -l

Anonymous said...

how cute!!!

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