Saturday, January 19, 2013

links leah loves

I hope everyone's weekend is going well! Erin and I spend a weirdly large amount of time on the internet these days due to this here blog. We love our blog so much! We'll start getting some inspiration elsewhere here soon. Meanwhile, we have been compiling some of our favorite links to share with you! Here are some of the links I have found.

  I found a new blog to love! I love the way One Sheepish Girl lays out her thrifty finds in GIFs!

      I love this idea from Secondhand Sunday's blog. Throwing out 100 things, yes please!

  Macklemore's song Thrift Shop is seriously my new favorite, check out his Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

  This link from Apartment Therapy goes along with Secondhand Sunday's post about getting rid of clutter. It is a list of questions to ask yourself when getting rid of items from your home.

  A Beautiful Mess one of my favorite blogs to read, they are what originally inspired Erin and I to start this blog and make us feel empowered to do so. This week they had a great post (see here) about why you should make things. It sang to the beat of my heart strings, I loved it so much.

  I love this glitter top made over on Armommy. I am going to have to make one soon. I'll be sure to post the results!

  I'll take 800 yards of each of Caitlin Wilson's Fabrics please.

I should also note that the picture above is one of our outtakes from the polkadot sweater DIY, you should know that we have a ton of outtakes that we have been withholding from you that are way better than this one. Way stupider, funnier, and just more awesome. Too awesome I guess. Lucky for you though, we are going to do a giant post of them soon. You are welcome. -l.

(Erin's links to come sometime over the weekend...)


The Photogramps said...

So glad you posted about One Sheepish Girl. It's nice to be reminded of Dallas.

Unknown said...

I just found her blog and I love her!

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