Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No, we're not dead.

April 15April 15
On Erin: Pants - Urban; Shoes - Minnetonka; Sweater - Forever 21; Sunglasses - Forever 21; Necklace - gift; Shirt - Wet Seal; Bag - Thrifted.
April 15April 15
On Leah: Booties - Urban; Dress - Forever 21 ; Bag - Forever 21 ; Sunglasses - Target; Leggings - Aerie.
April 15
April 15April 15
April 15
April 15April 15
April 15
April 15April 15

Hey everyone! It's been a while, huh? The past few months have absolutely flown by, and all of the sudden here we are, one month away from graduation! This whole semester has just been a whirlwind, and our blog baby got a little neglected. But here we are, easing back into it. It's nice to realize that when things get hectic we can just take a step back and focus on other things. This blog is here for us to enjoy really, and a nice distraction from the craziness of life. But, when life gets just a little too crazy we have to take a break. I'm heading into the last few weeks of school now, and I present my senior project later this week... so it's finally actually happening! Graduation is so close! I'm really looking forward to having my family all out here with me then too.

Anyways, I figured it was about time I mentioned a little bit about what's going on in my life. For the next few weeks I'm just finishing up all of my schoolwork, and wrapping my mind around the idea of being done with college. What's next, you ask? I'll be staying in Kansas for the summer - of course I have to be here for Leah's wedding - but I'll be looking for a job in the New England area (Anyone have any openings for a cute math major with programming skills? wink wink). My boyfriend, Landon, and I are then hoping to move up there sometime in the fall!

Basically, these next few months are going to be a giant transition period for both Leah and I, but we'll try and keep you updated along the way.

Thanks for sticking with us, even when we're silent.

- Erin

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Samantha Heather said...

Missed you two! Looking forward to the stories that will unfold in the coming months

Lisa Pappalardo said...

Seriously missed you two! So glad that you're easing back into things, even if periodically! And hey, cute outfits! ;)

Lisa | c/oMKE

Grace Mattei said...

Hi girls! So glad I found your stinkin adorable blog when I did; I love it so much!! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check my site tomorrow for details. xo


Chelsea said...

Love love love! Such cute sunglasses!

abby - little city adventures said...

Yay, I've missed you ladies! You are both just adorable :)

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