Friday, March 14, 2014

11/52 a week in review.

Instagrams this week:


It has been pretty quiet around our blog lately for so many reasons. This week Erin has been crazy busy with school work and working on her senior seminar project! She is so studious, you would all be so impressed

Dave and I have been finalizing some of our bigger decisions for our wedding day. We've already got our officiator and our date and location picked out. It is so fun to figure out the details of our wedding little by little.

We picked out my engagement ring and it finally came! It keeps catching my eye, I love it so much. It was such an adventure to find the perfect ring-who knew? We tried going to a few mall jewelers and weren't too excited, so instead we went to a local jeweler in Kansas City. I am so glad we went there. It was such a good experience and I love it so much! Dave got to nerd out looking at diamonds in a microscope, it was pretty cute.

We've done a huge "why do we even have this stuff" cleanse in our little apartment. It for some reason is always such a good feeling to get rid of unnecessary things. Next goal-stop bringing in so much junk!

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Pins this week:


-I just keep dreaming about my new home! We finally have the walls painted in most of the rooms and the floor in the bathroom is going to be done soon! I can't wait to start filling it with pretty things. This house tour on Style Me Pretty is pretty much exactly how I want to decorate! I love it!


-The weather has been warming up here and we are getting so excited to wear our springy clothes! I loved this"weekend" look from Colour Me Classic and this adorable skirt combo.

-This shirt made me laugh so hard when I saw it. I NEED it! I get so hangry sometimes.
-I looved this compilation of items on open shelves. I have been having so much fun creating my wedding registry! Its a little weird and fun to dream of owning so many kitchen things. I swear, everything in my house is going to be black and white. Even my dog...
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Have a great weekend! Anyone have any fun plans?
-Leah Faye
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Unknown said...

I seriously love your ring. I have a similar cut on my engagement ring and I just think it's so pretty. <3 I remember the first few weeks (okay, months) of having my engagement ring and it would just distract me all the time in class or I would purposefully make it shine in the lights. So fun!

And I love the open shelf idea too! Someday when we aren't renting I want to have at least one section of kitchen cabinets open like that to show off my favorite kitchen gear! Enjoy registry shopping! Don't be afraid to register for like EVERYTHING. It will surprise you what people choose to get you and most places leave your registry active for a year so when Christmas comes around you can tell people just to head back to your registry. :)

Anonymous said...

your ring is gorgeous! congrats on all the wedding planning :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ring! Its stunning. Cute plans and yes I know the 'why-do-we-own-anything' feeling - a cleanse is needed every now and then. Beautiful pictures :)


Erika Michel said...

Your ring is sooo preee-ty! Minimal makes it so elegant-chic, Congrats! <3

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