Thursday, March 6, 2014

future home...

home dreaming house dreaming home dreaming home dreaming
So many exciting changes, and some sad ones, are looming over our near futures. Erin is planning her post-college adventures, both of us are looking forward to are graduation this May, and I have a beautiful wedding to plan, a house to move into, and a teaching job to prepare for! 
While I am so sad to be moving out of Erin and I's cozy little apartment in a few months, I am very excited to live with my soon to be new husband and to decorate a real house for the first time! I of course have been prepping for this day for a long time by collecting numerous images on Pinterest. 
Dave and I's house is a tiny little house that we, in collaboration with his family, are working to fix up. It is in an adorable little neighborhood just adjacent to his place of work and close by to his two brother's homes. I tease him every once in a while about my nervousness of joining his "family commune," all in jest of course, I love his family and can't wait to call them my own.
My favorite part by far about the house is the dark wood floors that we (mostly Dave and his brother... but I helped) finish. While I lived in the dorms in college, and even now in my apartment, I dreamed of one day having wood floors. Wood floors and bright white walls. I can't wait to fill up the rooms with things that both Dave and I enjoy, with tons of inspiration from the images above as well as some of the others I have pinned on Pinterest!
-Leah Faye
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Nikki Williams said...

congrats on your new home! can't wait to see what you do with the place! if it's anything like these inspiration photos it'll be perfect!


Unknown said...

I had so much fun planning our home when we got engaged and found our future home :)
We rent a beautifully renovated home in the city and it has amazing hardwood floors on the first floor that our landlord refinished. They are like a dream come true. A pain in the butt to keep clean, but worth it! Enjoy your day dreaming <3

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