Tuesday, February 25, 2014

wedding planning

wedding planning wedding planning wedding planning

I've had a wedding board on pinterest for.. longer than I'd care to admit- so when it came time to actually start planning my wedding I actually felt pretty prepared. Boy was I wrong though! It is amazing all of the things that you have to take into consideration when planning the big day. Luckily I have already had two full days of planning with Erin immediately following the proposal (they were snow days-it was perfect), a few weeks of planning under my belt, and two amazing families to bounce ideas off of.
What I have found is that the hardest thing to figure out is when you are going to have the darn thing. It has been pretty tricky to try to work around the schedules of the venues, officiator, friends, family, and other events. Though these all have made it tricky, and we haven't yet set an official date, I am sure that every thing will be perfect in the end. We will find that perfect day that will work for us.
We also have been trying to figure out where we are going to have it. It is actually kind of a process to find somewhere that will fit around 200 people. We know that we want to have the actual ceremony out in the flint hills-I am a prairie girl at heart so it seemed only fitting- but the reception is a whole other possible location to lock down. 
What I do know is exactly what I want it to look like. We will have succulents, candles, and christmas lights everywhere. I may or may not have found a dress and dresses for my bridesmaids. Also, the beautiful smiling faces of all of the people that I love. I am so excited to have their smiling faces around me on that day- and hey, that is the most important part, right?
Here is to more planning! Anyone have any great tips for me?
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Anonymous said...

I think weddings are done best when you can feel the couple's personalities through all the choices they made. Make your wedding what you want to make it. Choose food, drink, decorations, that you like, not that necessarily fit into a single scheme of what a wedding "is supposed to be." Do you and let Dave do Dave and your wedding day is going to shine. If you want Taco Bueno served, make it happen (I have a friend who did that for real).

Lisa said...

I'm sure whatever you choose to do the wedding will be beautiful. It's like you said though, it's really about celebrating this new step in your life, the marriage and celebrating it with people you love.
Lisa | c/oMKE

Nikki Williams said...

love your inspiration photos!



Anonymous said...

These are lovely inspirational photos! Wedding planning can be stressful but I wish you the best! I'm sure your big day will be lovely!!


Unknown said...

Do what makes you happy. Don't let pushy family and friends persuade or dissuade you from something that you love. Get the dress you love. Play the music you love. Don't let anybody pressure you. This day is for the two of you, everyone else is just there to celebrate with you and support you. I love your inspiration board! Kind of what the early stages of my wedding planning looked like...then once I found my venue things sort of fellow into place and I saw what would and wouldn't work. And if you find the right venue, you may not need to have a ton of decorations (that's the route I went, the venue was small but at a beautiful victorian-era home that made a beautiful backdrop). AND just have fun!

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