Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY hemp and yarn coil pots

hemp and yarn coil pots
Our first project from our Bring the Plants Inside Project has to be one of our very favorites. Start it out with a bang, am I right? We loved these rope coil pots from Anthropologie but knew we could not afford it. Our main goal of this project is to create ways to bring our plants inside on a tight budget-which means that $70 pots are just out of the question. So here we go-how to make your very own Anthropologie inspired hemp and yarn coil pot for less than 10 dollars.
hemp and yarn coil pots hemp and yarn coil pots hemp and yarn coil pots hemp and yarn coil pots hemp and yarn coil pots
You'll Need: hemp, yarn, an old pillowcase or sheet, a hot glue gun, a plastic pot, and a plant to put in it. 
When I first pictured myself making this DIY I figured it would be pretty difficult, which ended up not being the case! Once you get started it is actually pretty easy but a little bit time consuming. I started by cutting an old pillowcase in a spiral so that I had one long strip of fabric. The wider that you cut your strips the thicker your coils will be. For my yellow pot my strip was about 5 inches wide and 4 feet long.
Once you have your strip of fabric you will want to cut several pieces of hemp and yarn all the same length. I then began by twisting my fabric and wrapping a piece of hemp around it, adding a dot of glue about every inch or so. I then did a strip of yarn and alternated back and forth between the two until my entire strip of fabric was covered. 
I then took my plastic pot and put a layer of glue on the side of it and a layer on top of each coil as I spiraled up. This will ensure that everything stays in place!
I really enjoyed the way these came out! I am thinking about making another one here shortly. Perhaps with some blues?
What color would you use?
-a clover and a bee
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Gina said...

These are adorable!! Buying pots can get so expensive so I love this solution to make your own and customize it to your style. Great idea!!

Little Tree Vintage said...

such a cute idea, I cant wait to try this! xo

Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

WOW WOW WOW! This is so great! I love it! Plus the photos are so cute! Well done!

Blytheponytailparades said...

Oh wow, this looks amazing! And that little succulent is too cute :)

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