Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creamy Pumpkin Cocktail

Fall weather is finally making an appearance. Kind of. Mostly. That means it's time for pumpkin everything ever. So why not a pumpkin cocktail? Naturally.
Pumpkin Cocktail

I wanted something cold, because the weather hasn't quite calmed down sufficiently yet, and creamy. Cold, creamy and pumpkiny. MAKE THIS.

Pumpkin Cocktail
You'll need:
1.5 oz half & half
1/8 heaping cup pumpkin
1.5 oz honey whiskey
a pinch pumpkin pie spice
cinnamon to top
Put the half & half and pumpkin in a shaker, and get the pumpkin all mixed up in there. Then add the rest of the ingredients and give it another quick shake. Simple.
Pumpkin Cocktail
Pumpkin Cocktail
It's creamy, delicious, pumpkiny and not too sweet. The honey whiskey adds that slight touch of sweet, but if you like your cocktails sweeter I would just add a drizzle of honey.
What is your favorite fall drink?
-a clover & a bee
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Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

Dang girl! That looks awesome!!


Blytheponytailparades said...

Nom nom nom this looks amazing! I love all the pumpkin recipes I'm seeing now :) Best time of the year!

Alex said...

Yum! I will have to try this one!
Whimsy Darling

Lisa said...

Ooohh YUM! Sounds delicious!

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

Alli said...

This looks straight up delicious, I love honey whiskey but have only had it with ginger ale and lime. I will definitely have to give a try on the weekend.

Heather said...

I love your guys blog!!! Just ran across it and will have to stop by daily now!! Yay! Honey whiskey and chamomile tea is nice relaxing, hot night cap! I may have to try this recipe out!

Thanks so much!!!


Anonymous said...

This looks delicious! I will have to try it soon!


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh gosh, perfect cocktail right here! i will have to try this soon, it's a great combo!

lindsey louise


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