Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what we wore...

...on a Monday. Apparently yesterday we were both in a "blue" mood. Not sadness (though Leah started to feel like she was getting old) but the color. Its funny how we dress so similarly sometimes. Usually it is more similar then just wearing the same color though. Today we both showed up at work with our chambray shirts and dresses on...



Leah: I had my first midlife crisis yesterday. It spurred from getting both the checks I ordered and checking my mail to find the registration for my truck. For some reason this caused me to spiral into an "I'm getting old" freak out that I am sure a lot of you have experienced. We also recently set up our utilities for the apartment which added to it all.

Erin: Even though this week is the home stretch before finals, it is somewhat of a relief! These past few weeks have been crazy and filled with concerts. A lot of the faculty in the music department are going to be on sabbatical next year, my senior year, so it's felt like a lot of "last concerts" even though we still have next year. We had our three big concerts these past three weeks, and I'm pretty sure they were all trying to go out with a bang - because they were pretty extravagant.

We're starting into the last week of class before finals - wish us luck in staying sane! 
That's also our excuse if it seems like we're slacking a bit here on e plus l - we're a little busy :)

- e plus l


Lisa said...

Lovely outfits ladies! I hope you get on well the next few weeks!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

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