Wednesday, May 8, 2013

glitter dipped mason jar diy


The moving process continues! It feels as though things are slowly coming together. Little decorations pop up here and there even though there are still big blank walls and open spaces left. Over the weekend we made this little glitter dipped mason Jar for my toothbrush. Erin already had spray painted hers, so we wanted to make one that matched.

You'll Need: Mod Podge, painters tape, glitter, a mason jar, a paint brush, and a small bowl.


This ended up being incredibly easy to make. All we did was put a ring of tape around the outside of the jar and mix up a bowl of mod podge and glitter (this prevents you from getting glitter all over your house...). We then painted on the glitter glue mixture, peeled off the tape, and turned it upside down to dry. We think it ended up being really cute! And they look so good next to each other in our bathroom.


We can't wait to see what little decorations we'll think of next. We'll be sure to share them!

-e plus l


Lisa said...

Cute crafties! Mixing the ModPodge and glitter is a brilliant idea!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

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