Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY recycled sweater pillow


Not going to lie, we were going to share some pretty awesome shorts that we made today, but for some reason it just felt wrong to share something so springy and fun on such a cold and miserable day. I swear, Kansas likes to fool us all. Plus the shorts are still wet from the wash last night and it would have been pretty uncomfortable to model them to take cute pictures. So instead we bring you the recycled sweater pillow.

This craft is great for when spring finally hits (or hit at one point and turned back into winter) and you are able to go through your winter sweaters and decide to get rid of some.

You'll need: An old sweater, scissors, a sewing machine, and stuffing.

DIY recycled sweater pillow
DIY recycled sweater pillow DIY recycled sweater pillow

You'll first need to take your sweater and lay it out flat on the ground (or if you live in a real home with a work table, lay it flat there) and cut across the front of the sweater right under the sleeves.

I then sewed along the opening with the buttons to ensure that no stuffing would come sneaking out of in between them once it was finished.

Then turn your sweater inside out and sew along the top and the bottom. Make sure to leave a hole on one corner for a place to add the stuffing. Next turn it inside out, stuff it, and sew up your hole!

DIY recycled sweater pillow

^^don't fret! Your favorite old sweater will be just as snuggly once in pillow form!^^

DIY recycled sweater pillow

This is the first of many pillows we are making for our new apartment. We can't wait to start moving in in 13 days!

For the rest of your sweater, Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess have some great DIY's for old sweaters, such as this one and this one.

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