Friday, April 19, 2013

a peek into our lives II

Please pardon our lack of an outfit post and general creativity this week, the weather has left us a little uninspired. Not to mention we also were running a little behind after that darn craft show. In place of other posts, here is another peek into our lives through our phones:)



1. I took a big ole' bundle of my favorite succulents up to the lighting studio last weekend to take pictures for a photography assignment. They ended up looking pretty cool! (this one isn't actually one of them)
2. While walking home from the cafeteria during the ice storm Chris and Allison found frozen flowers. Those poor little flowers, luckily they are still okay.
3. Erin's boyfriend, Landon, had his senior recital last Friday. He is seriously an amazing musician. We enjoyed it from the front row and were able to see all of his little quirks like moving his tie before each song and smiling afterwards. I'm so proud of my friend:)
4. A view of our booth from the craft show. We thought we set it up pretty cute.
5. Erin tried out my theory of "the glasses effect" while at the craft show last weekend. I once was bought drinks at a bar several times while wearing my glasses, so I assumed there had to be a connection there. Erin can't fully attempt this theory out quite yet (shes just a little baby) so we tried it out at the craft show instead. Apparently thick rimmed glasses don't have the same effect on middle aged women as they do at young men in bars.
6. Natalie and I decided to take some quick after pictures before getting in the showers after mudslam. We were looking pretty crazy.


1. I've discovered those mornings when you want anything else than to be opening a coffee shop, all you need is a cafe au lait with some whipped cream and caramel.
2. I got my invitation to my friend Kaari's wedding in June! I'm so excited to be the photographer for them, they are an absolutely adorable couple.
3. Sometimes Bethel manages to be pretty, even when the weather is being a little unpleasant.
4. We stopped and got coffee/smoothies on the way home from the craft show on Saturday. Sometimes you need a little cheering up with a pineapple coconut smoothie. Apparently all it takes to make me happy is delicious drinks?
5. Laurel and I before Bubberts Awards. I felt like our outfits complemented eachother well. And Laurel is gorgeous.
6. One the fun things at work is when we have extra food (or mini cinnamon rolls) that the baristas can snag and eat.

We promise to be back in full swing of regular posting and creativity next week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

love, e plus l


Laurel Nagengast said...

no, YOU ladies are gorgeous. Love you,

Mary said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I have to tell you that I am so excited to follow you girls. Eep!

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