Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY polka dot jean shorts


We have been absolutely loving the new printed denim trend circling around Pinterest these days. The other day Leah actually snagged her first pair of floral pants and had been loving them ever since (Leah's boyfriend David isn't as big of a fan...she could tell by how big his eyes got when she walked in his house..haha).

Polka dots is one of our favorites of these prints. We love polka dots no matter where they are, so we decided to test out our polka dotting skills again and make ourselves some adorable jean shorts. Here is how we did it:

You'll need: fabric (or acrylic) paint, an old pair of jean shorts, and a sponge (or other round object) we found ours at Walmart, though you could also use the apple technique.

DIY polkadot jean shortsDIY polkadot jean shortsDIY polkadot jean shorts

All you need to do is take your sponge, lather it up with paint, and begin polka-dotting! We recommend testing your skills on some scratch paper before starting on your actual shorts. Before starting you will also need to decide how big you want your polka dots, how close or far apart you want them to be, and if you want them to be in a regular or sporadic pattern. Once you have finished the front side and let it dry before flipping it over and starting the other side.

Once your shorts are completely dry you can wear them and enjoy! We absolutely have loved sporting these around. They make for the perfect spring outfit.

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Lisa said...

These are wonderful!
I'll have to try them as soon as it gets a little warmer. ;)

xo Lisa

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