Tuesday, April 30, 2013

april recap.


April was a month spent with us on the edge of our seats anxiously anticipating our soon to be apartment. Throughout the month we took several opportunities to shop around the area in order to get all of the furnishings we would need once we move in. One of these trips was a trip to the greenhouse , because every body needs plants, am I right? Or maybe that is just Leah's (beautiful) college roommate, Emma, rubbing off on her.

march 31

Despite some of the, we'll leave it at interesting, weather we had a lot of trouble getting in outfit pictures this month. Though we were able to take advantage of the few days we had nice weather for some outfit pictures- here and here.

Coffee Scrub

Over April our obsession with coconut oil grew to new heights. We explored more fun things to do with coconut oil (and are still exploring more...soon to come: cooking!)


In April we went to our very first craft show. While it was a good learning experience, it will probably be one of our last ones. You can read more about our thoughts here.


In April we started a new series when Leah finally took a trip to one of our favorite restaurants, Ad Astra. Erin had already been there several times on dates with her boyfriend (Leah felt a little jealous). Leah was pretty happy to get to go herself, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Bleach Dipped Shirt

In April we also started experimenting with one of our new favorite craft materials, bleach.We had some fun making some shorts and a plaid button up. We can't wait to try making more things!

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