Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Spring Craftacular

We are happy to announce that we were selected among a large pool of applicants to be venders at the Spring Craftacular in Wichita this year. It isn't until April 13th this year but our brains are already swimming with ideas. We are planning on bringing items from Leah's etsy shop, Little Prairie Handmade, as well as her ceramics and some of the DIY's we have done on the blog.

We of course wanted to ask our lovely readers, which DIY posts were your favorite? We would like to make multiples of some of them to bring and sell, as well as promote our blog and we would love your opinions.

Hope to see you there! (More details to come)

-e plus l


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I didn't know you made ceramics, Leah! Are you going to sell those online? I have a little bit of a weakness for pretty dishes that I can keep around the house for rings, pens, etc. ;)

Unknown said...

I do! I am actually a ceramics major in college:). I will post a few after the show. Maybe I could save some back for you though? They are all pretty small...

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