Thursday, February 28, 2013

printed deer shirt DIY

Snow has seriously been dumping from the heavens here in Kansas which has led to some perfect, class free afternoons. This of course is the perfect weather for snuggling up indoors wrapped in blankets, sipping coffee or hot cocoa (we must be inclusive of everyone, not everyone is a coffee drinker we've heard), and getting your craft on. This week we decided to make these awesome "printed" deer shirts that were super easy.

You'll need: a deer head stencil, fabric paint (we used acrylic which should work similarly), a paint brush, and an old shirt (we would also suggest a piece of cardboard or something to slip between the two layers of shirt).

Deer Printed Shirt

First you will need to figure out your stencil. We suggest you do one of two options:

1. befriend an art major, or become one yourself, to draw you a picture of a deer. (I drew ours)
2. print a silhouette or outline of a deer off of your computer and use that instead.

Next center your stencil on your shirt and trace around it. Erin used a lighter colored paint so she traced hers in pencil so it wouldn't show through. I used a sharpie because I did mine in black and knew it wouldn't show.

Once you have your stencil traced you can begin painting! Make sure to go very slowly and do it as neatly as possible.

Deer Printed Shirt
Deer Printed Shirt

Once it is completely dry you can style it however you want! I styled mine with a crochet skirt, some black tights, and a pair of oxfords. Erin wore hers with a grey a-line skirt and crochet tights. They can seriously be worn with anything! I wore mine around with leggings and slippers the day after... Sometimes when it is cold and snowy I feel less inclined to change clothes...oops.

Deer Printed Shirt

-(e plus) l.

as always we would love to see your version of our DIY! We love to know that people are doing our crafts or hair tutorials. It makes it way more fun to do what we do. (twitter/ facebook)

<<Leah>> DIY sweater originally from Target// Crochet Skirt from Rue 21 (no longer available--learn how to make one here!// tights from Urban Outfitters// Oxfords thrifted originally from Steve Madden (no longer available- similar).


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