Monday, February 25, 2013

laundry talks

We realize it's silly to make a post out of doing laundry, but even boring things can be fun. We're both good at stretching our closets to the last possible second before we cave and have to do some laundry. So for us, its a bit more of a large event. It's much more fun with a friend, plus you can have some great conversations.

Laundry Talks
Laundry Talks
Laundry Talks

currently love: I am really enjoying all of my art classes this semester. I spend so much time creating, its awesome!
something bothering you: It bothers me how much my boyfriend is bothered by taco bell being closed for reconstruction.
something you're listening to: I've been listening to The Lumineers radio on spotify nonstop for the past couple of days. It is seriously amazing.
something you're looking forward to: I'm looking forward to a relaxing spring break. I know it is still a few weeks out, but it is going to be so fantastic when it comes.

Laundry Talks

currently love: I'm reading The Things They Carried for the War Literature class that I'm taking. It's so much of a change from the math classes that I usually take. I'm not used to having to read for homework, but it has been good since I've really been enjoying the books we've read so far!
something bothering you: All this snow! Don't get me wrong - snow is beautiful. Just kind of a pain.
something you're listening to: I recently re-discovered a playlist on my iPod that is a bit of a throwback and have been playing it on repeat for a while now. It contains such gems as Let's Get Down to Business from Mulan, Put a Penny in the Slot by Fionn Regan, The Chain by Ingirid Michaelson, Backstabber by Ke$ha ... I think you get the idea.
something you're looking forward to: I know it's far away, but I'm looking forward to this summer. Maybe it's the cold that's making me so antsy for some warmer weather, or maybe it's looking for houses? Either way, I'm getting excited to not be living in the dorms for a while - and more free time!

Laundry Talks

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The Photogramps said...

I'm looking forward to summer too! Cute post, gals. My friends toured with Ingrid Michaelson, they're band is Harper should check them out: so good. Also, if you like The Lumineers you should look into First Aid Kit. Folky goodness. I've been listening to them NONSTOP!

Unknown said...

I love First Aid Kit! They are seriously so good. Have you by chance heard of The Staves? Their song mexico is seriously amazing.

Unknown said...

Love It!!!

Brewed Together said...

Okay this makes laundry look fun! Love your little coin holder.

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