Friday, February 22, 2013

How to ombre your hair


Erin and I tackled the ominous task of ombring my hair this summer and it actually turned out really well! I kept it for a long time and really loved it  but I eventually grew out of it and decided to dye it all back to brown.

leag's ombre

When my friend Rachel asked me to help her out at the beginning of the year I was super excited to help her out and I just touched it up this past week. Here's how we did it:


Ombre Dying your hair looks a little difficult to do but it is actually really easy, granted you get the right dyes. I've tried other box dyes and it just didn't work. When dying my own hair, no matter what color, I only use John Frieda Hair Dye. I have seriously never had a problem with it coming out poorly (as I have with other brands). It comes out really evenly, lasts for a long time, it doesn't stink as much as other dyes, and it is foamy and awesome. It is a little more expensive than the other brands but it is well worth it.

how to ombre your hair

For Rachel's hair I used John Frieda's 2N Natural Black for her top color and the bleach from Splat's Pink Fetish for her tips. Sadly we weren't able to find Splat's plain bleach box in town anywhere, but you can get the colored boxes and not use the colored dye.

Step one: Using the John Frieda Natural  black, dye your hair as usual. You can focus a little less on the ends of your hair so that they are a little lighter to start. If you want to have your natural hair color on top you can also just skip this step.

Step two: After you have rinsed out the first dye, blow dry your hair until it is completely dry again.

Step three: Divide your hair into four sections. One section over each shoulder and two sections on the back.

Step four: Apply the bleach to each section of your hair, twisting the hair as you go. Try to get more of the bleach towards the tips of your hair.

Step five: Once each section of your hair is fairly well bleached, untwist the sections. Then take smaller sections of hair and go a little bit higher with the bleach so there isn't a straight line.

Step six: rinse and style! You are done!

***Remember to also follow the instructions on each box of dye for how to use the chemicals and how long to wait before rinsing***

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Isn't Rachel adorable?? I love the way it looks on her, plus she is so stinkin' cute anyways. We would love to see how yours turns out! You can tag us on facebook or twitter or leave a link to your post here on the blog!

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