Tuesday, February 19, 2013

erin's makeup routine

Makeup Routine
Over a few years of wearing make up I've come to find what products I really like, and which one's I should probably just get rid of. I've fallen into a routine lately, which is good when it comes to speedily getting ready, but I guess that could be bad if what you're looking for is some variety. While sometimes I'll mix it up a little, these are my go-to products that I use on a daily basis.
Makeup Routine
1. I have verry dry skin, and have struggled to find a moisturizer that can handle my face. Until I ran accross Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer. This stuff is a lifesaver. I slather that all over my face every morning.
2. Second, I use Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance underneath my eyes. I found that this gets a little splotchy if you try and use it all over your face, but for small spots it works great.
3. Then, for my foundation I use American Beauty Perfectly Even Natural Finish Foundation. This is a recent discovery of mine, and a little the pricier side of my usual drug store make up, but I love it.
Makeup Routine
4. To dust on my cheeks I use Almay Powder Blush in 140 Pink. I've found it to be a good standard powder blush, not too obtrusive.
5. As a second layer, I've discovered that using Covergirl Gold Sizzle Eye Enhancers as a bronzer of sorts adds just a nice touch of shimmer.
Makeup Routine
6. For eyeliner, I'm personally a fan of liquid eyeliner, it just tends to be less smudgy. Also, its easier to lighter, and still have a nice line. This could just be my lack of make up expertise shining through though. My favorite that I've used is Covergirl Line Exact in Very Black.
7. Mascara is another thing that I've slowly become with splurging a little bit on. Flirt! All That Lash in Kickin' Blue is the best thing that I've come across. The blue isn't blaring, so you can only tell in certain light, and it fills out your lashes so well. Also, no problems with smearing. It is just wonderful. And the tube is pretty, so that always sells me. (Victim of advertising, right here.)
Makeup Routine
Makeup Routine
6. Lastly, I top it off with a little chapstick. I have so many choices there, but I've recently been really into Babylips Lip Balm in Twinkle. It has a nice shine, while being super moisturizing at the same time.

What are your make up staples? What do you love that I'm totally missing out on?



R.J. Polivka said...

I do the gold eye shadow as bronzer, as well! I love it.

Diana said...

You probably don't need to worry about this for about 10 years, but it's never too late to start: sunscreen after the lotion--every day--all year long. By my 40's I'd started to develop brown spots on my face that got so bad in the summer my face always looked dirty--and I don't spend tons of time outside. I now wear sunscreen every day, and they have faded to almost nothing, even in the summer. I wish I'd started in my 30's at least.

Unknown said...

Thanks Diana, that really is always good to be reminded of! I've started paying more attention and trying to find moisturizers with sunscreen in them - the one I'm using now is SPF 15 which is nice.

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