Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY bulletin board calendar.


If you are like me, you get tired of having to pick between several calendars at the store that aren't all perfect anyways. Plus, you have to do it once a year AND the spaces aren't even big enough to write things on. Well my friends, here is our solution: a homemade, full of ribbons and cuteness, calendar on your very own bulletin board. 

You'll need: Ribbon (make sure to measure and figure out the amount you'll need before you start. I wasn't planning on using the stars....), a big ole' box of tacks, one large bulletin board, paper, and a sharpie or other writing utensils.


Start by making the frame for your calendar. I knew I wanted to leave a little space on the side for other notes so I left about 6 inches on one side. Then leave a space at the top for the month.


Next fill in your grid. You will need to do a 5X7 grid in order to fit in all of the days. I put tacks at each intersection of the ribbons.


This next step can go however you'd like. You can print pre-made numbers, days of the week, and months off of your computer or you can make them yourself. I chose to write mine out using a sharpie. I think they turned out pretty nice.


Then all you have to do is pin them in place using the pins already on your board and voila! A bulletin board to fill up with all of your daily to-dos. I still have yet to fill mine up... But I love how it looks so far! I am still thinking about spray painting the frame as soon as the weather allows for standing outside for longer than 10 minutes. Have any suggestions on colors?

DIY bulletin board calendar 076 075

I have to admit it is still for sure a work in progress, there are still little things I'd like to tweak here and there but I will keep you updated on the progress!

P.S. I had originally had a little blurp about excitement for spring on here and it snowed today?!? Kansas, come on.

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Unknown said...

This is such a good idea, I might have to try it, I could do with a calendar board in my life!

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