Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY heart print fabric (table cloth, tapestry, photo backdrop, etc)

We weren't quite sure what to call this craft of ours because it can have so many fun uses, so I suppose heart print fabric will have to do the trick. Our original intention was for it to be a cute table cloth for your "at home Valentines day date", but it could also work for so many other things, such as a tapestry, a photo back drop, fabric to make clothing out of, and so on! Here is how to make it:

You'll need: An old bed sheet (or other fabric), an apple, red fabric paint, a paper plate, a knife, an iron & ironing board and something to protect your work surface. 


I started by preparing my old bedsheet. My queen size bedsheet was a little to large to be an actual table cloth, unless of course you'd like to not be able to find your table under the mass of fabric, so I cut it in half. Of course if you are just using fabric, you could skip this step. I then folded the cut edge in a half inch and another half inch, ironed and sewed it to create a new hem.


Once my fabric was ready, I took my apple and cut off a third of it from one side and carved a heart into the larger piece (you may eat the other chunk). This apple becomes your stamp for making your heart print.


Now that your stamp and your fabric are ready you can start printing! I laid out my fabric on some old cardboard (painted on dorm room carpet=fines) underneath my fabric and began printing! Squirt a little of your fabric paint onto your plate at a time and dip your stamp into it. I did one tester heart on a spare piece of cardboard to make sure my print would look good before I began printing.

037 045

You then can make them however close or far apart you'd like on your fabric. I chose to do them about a foot apart in staggering rows.

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Once it is dry you can use it however you like! We plan on using ours for a cute valentines activity next week! Stay tuned!

heart print tablecloth
heart print tablecloth
heart print tablecloth

Once again, we'd love to know if you are trying our DIY's! Feel free to message us if you are having trouble or send us pictures of your finished projects! You can leave a link in a comment, tag us on facebook (@eplusl), or mention us in a tweet on twitter (@epluslblog)!



hannahrosebaker said...

This is so cute. I'm doing this for my Valentine's party. Thanks, ladies.

Jessi said...

So darling! This would be fun to do on a skirt or dress for Valentines. I just found your cute blog. Love it!
Would you want to follow each other?
I just followed and entered your giveaway :)

Ester DurĂ£es said...

aww this is such a cute DIY, specially now Valentine's Day is around the corner! I bet it took a long time to make it but you can be sure it was worth it, it looks amazing! thanks for sharing :)

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Unknown said...

Surprisingly it actually didn't take that long! If you get enough cardboard to have a large work surface it doesn't take long at all. I was so fun!-l.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, Imgoing to do this for my sister in laws hens day and use it as a photo backdrop. I was then thinking the guests could sign it or she can take him home as a souvenir! Thanks for the idea!

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