Wednesday, January 2, 2013

tiny bow sweater DIY

When I saw Tieka of Selective Potential wear this sweater I knew I had to have one of my own. Tieka is a fashion blogger I have been following for quite some time and I love her style. I decided though that instead of going and buying this sweater she wore, I could easily make it instead for pretty cheap!

You will need: An old sweater, black ribbon, and a needle and thread.

you'll need

Cut out as many small  4 inch strips of black ribbon as you want. I chose to do 15 which ended up being the perfect amount, not too overwhelmingly cutesy.

Then one strip at a time, take the ribbon and create a loop. Pinch the top of the loop to the bottom and sew together to make little bows.

step one tiny bow step two (4)

Once you have your tiny and adorable little bow pick a spot randomly on the sweater, you can cover your eyes and pick if you wish, and sew on the bow. Repeat this until all bows are sewn onto your sweater. I tried to get them spaced out evenly. 

step three final product

Once all of your bows are sewn on you can wear your sweater and enjoy! I love wearing mine and it will be featured in an outfit post soon! -l.


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