Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year, new blog.

Welcome to the official start of e plus l! We, erin and leah, are so excited to have you with us. We have been busy, busy planning a large array of posts about all of our crafting, cooking, decorating, beauty, and fashion adventures, all while being thrifty as our budgets are small. We have had so much fun putting together each of our posts we have made so far and hope that you will enjoy them too.

crafting preview
       We will feature lots of crafts for clothing, housewares, and more with DIY's to go with them.

We have been preparing yummy treats and sweets, both easy to make in your dorm room and in a regular sized kitchen.

We have tried lots of beauty ideas, mostly those that are natural or incredibly inexpensive and easy.

And we have planned lots of series to feature, such as: switcheroos, our favorite finds, dorm room ideas, friend fashion features, and more.

We can't wait to share more! -e+l.


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